Why Cheap Was a Problem for Starbury Signature Sneakers

When Stephon Marbury priced his signature sneakers at $14.98, he had more of a problem selling them than he had expected,

Weekly Roundup: From Area Codes to Toilets

This week’s economic news summary included looking at human capital from a health care and college perspective and at area codes as conspicuous consumption.

Health Care Spending: The Impact of the Deductible

With some unintended consequences, a large self-insured employer cut health care spending by switching from free employee health care to a high deductible.

Weekly Roundup: 6 Mysteries

Our everyday economic stories involve participation rates, human capital, signaling, ROI, money, price, austerity, personal income, monopoly and bubbles.

The Mystery of the Missing Goats

We have fewer price and quantity signals because agricultural production figures on certain crops and livestock were eliminated because of USDA budget cuts.