Why There’s No Such Thing As a Free Ad

Considering the cost of ad-free streaming video, we are nudged in opposite directions by incentives that relate to behavioral economics.

Why Sports Stadiums Create Dilemmas

Like all sports projects, renovating Arthur Ashe Stadium requires choosing between most fans and the minority that brings the most revenue.

How Cost Can Change Climate Policy

With COP28 having begun, we can ask if the delegates are comparing marginal decisions about the cost of climate policy to its benefits.

The Economic Side of a Sandwich

Whether it’s breakfast or lunch, a look at sandwich economics tells us about our food tradeoffs and our GDP spending.

Where Equal Pay Cost £1.1bn

Whether looking at a city, a firm, or a sports team, we would see that equal pay outlays always have an oppoturnity cost.

Why An Arraignment Requires Line Sitters

Requiring more than 24 hours of standing in line, the recent Trump arraignments in Manhattan and Miami boosted line sitting demand.

Simply Stating the Debt Ceiling Deal

Stated by Congress in 99 pages of unintelligible sentences, the two halves of the debt ceiling deal can be simply summarized.

How Mickey Mouse and Prince Are Similar

Although the Supreme Court has answers about the intellectual property rights to an original image of Prince, still we debate its ownership.

What We Can Learn From a Banana

We could use the banana as a benchmark for our carbon impact. While The Economist showed us how, it’s really all about opportunity cost. Banana Emissions Benchmarks let us judge another good or service by comparing the two. Investment advisors…

How Serial Returners Create Unintended Consequences

Responding to the incentives created by online retailers, serial returners create a cost for themselves and suppliers.