When Doing Good Backfires

Previously a huge economic mystery, researchers now think they know why the gender wage gap stopped shrinking during the 1990s.

Why We Should Be More Like Our Pharmacist

Usually summarized by one percent, the gender pay gap is so much more complex when we look at a slew of other variables.

What We Can Learn From Claudia Goldin

For work that spans half a century whose message is timeless, the Nobel committee awarded this year’s Economics Prize to Claudia Goldin.

Why the Gender Wage Gap Doesn’t Disappear

Whether looking at accounting, the law, dentists, or Uber drivers, we remain unable to solve the problem of the gender wage gap.

Why “the Pill” Was Powerful

Described by Harvard’s Claudia Goldin, the power of “the Pill” created a “Quiet Revolution” that transformed women’s lives.

May 2022 Friday’s e-links: How the Pill Empowered Women

For our May e-links, in this second entry, I recommend the suddenly so very relevant Career & Family by Harvard’s Claudia Goldin.

Where (and When) Do Women Earn More?

Whereas a Pew report says that young women’s gender pay gap has disappeared in 22 metropolitan areas, the whole story is not quite as good.

December 2021 Friday’s e-links: “Greedy Work” and Other Labor Market Issues

Our December 2021 e-links continue with a Steven Levitt talk with Harvard’s Claudia Goldin that looks at 50 years of women in labor markets.

Where the Gender Wage Gap Needs to Shrink

Returning to work, we still have a substantial gender wage gap to diminish although its size depends on the occupation and our expectations.

Why Marriage Extends the Gender Pay Gap

We can see that the gender pay gap is about so much more than the firm when we look at marriage, children, home responsibilities, and education.