December 2021 Friday’s e-links: “Greedy Work” and Other Labor Market Issues

Our December 2021 e-links continue with a Steven Levitt talk with Harvard’s Claudia Goldin that looks at 50 years of women in labor markets.

Where the Gender Wage Gap Needs to Shrink

Returning to work, we still have a substantial gender wage gap to diminish although its size depends on the occupation and our expectations.

Why Marriage Extends the Gender Pay Gap

We can see that the gender pay gap is about so much more than the firm when we look at marriage, children, home responsibilities, and education.

Downton Abbey Feminists

Through the women of Downton Abbey, Mary, Edith and Gwen, we can see the beginning of a feminist evolution and then revolution described by Claudia Goldin.

How to Narrow the Gender Pay Gap

For pharmacists, as temporal flexibility for women has grown because of industry consolidation and standardization, the gender wage gap has shrunk.

How U.S. Marriage Markets Differ

Looking at gender ratios at colleges, for college graduates and in metro areas, we find that marriage markets vary.

Part 2: Understanding the Student Loan Crisis

On the post secondary institution side of the student loan crisis, eligible Title IV schools charge higher tuition than similar non Title IV schools.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Workers

Partially reflecting more women in the labor force, the participation rate rose from the 1970s until recently but now the mystery is why it is falling.

Gender Issues: Another Way to Estimate the Cost of Children

Our Monday Gender Issues Focus When people ask how much children cost, they expect to hear a dollar total. For women, though, the cost can be much more. First, I did check the dollar total. According to the US Department of Agriculture, in 2012, covering…

What is the Real Gender Wage Gap?

It is tough to identify the gender wage gap and why we have it but I think a group of people who live in Northeast India provide some pretty good answers. But first… The U.S. Gender Pay Gap If we…