How a Gig Driver Is Like a Pancake

When gas prices affect the supply of gig drivers, they could also impact our breakfast and food deliveries.

Why We Need Ridesharing

To reduce emissions and wasted time, Uber and Lyft should encourage the ride sharing that will decrease traffic congestion.

Why Uber and Santa Claus Agree

Affecting workers that range from Santa’s elves to Uber drivers, the unintended consequences of California’s AB 5 are considerable.

Why Traffic Jams Are Spreading

During my frequent drives to Manhattan, traffic congestion is worse than ever. The reason could be Uber and Lyft. This is the story. San Francisco Congestion Let’s start with congestion. Like the Supreme Court quote on pornography (“…I know it…

How Uber Should Apologize for a Delay

Because a firm like Uber loses revenue from unhappy riders who had delayed arrivals, we could say we are looking at apology economics.

Upsetting Uber’s Economics

Legislation from the New York City Council will upset Uber economics when it limits the number of new ride-hailing vehicle licenses.

Why Uber and Best Buy Care About Your Customer Score More Than You Think

About much more than the buyer, a customer score helps ride providers like Uber and retailers like Best Buy use their resources more effectively.

The Downside of Interrupting Women

According to Supreme Court etiquette, the justices should not be interrupted by the attorneys who appear before them. Still though, the women are interrupted. The Supreme Court On average, female Supreme Court justices are interrupted three times as much as…

A New Meaning For Food Court

Like Uber and Airbnb, the growing popularity of Eat With Stranger Apps (EWSAs) is creating sharing economy dilemmas that relate to regulation.

What to Call an Uber Driver

Neither an employee nor an independent contractor for whom the law has protections and obligations, the worker in the gig economy needs legal recognition.