Where You Don’t Want To Be a Trillionaire

We could say that repeatedly, Zimbabwe’s inflation rate is so high that their dollar cannot possibly be called money.

When a (Social Security) COLA Is Not Sweet Enough

Although Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs) are at recent highs, they don’t reflect inflation’s impact on seniors.

Why Are Egg Prices Scrambled?

At a 15-year low, the hen to human ratio in the United States is three. While the reason is the Avian flu, the bigger problem is egg prices. Egg Prices Egg prices are up 59 percent year over year, and…

How We’ve Responded To Rising Restaurant Prices

Because chains and smaller eating establishments have dealt with skyrocketing costs differently, restaurant prices were not the only remedy.

When the Price of Ice is a Problem

In West Africa, a road not yet built, sky high fuel prices, and the growing length of a fishing trip pushed up the price of ice. Today, we start with a small fishing boat and conclude with the world. The…

Why Marijuana Prices Are Plunging

Classic supply and demand in statewide markets, marijuana prices have been plunging in many of the places where it is legal.

What We Can Learn (About Money) From a LEGO

Like the Big Mac Index, when the Toy Zone tells us where LEGO prices are high and low, we can also compare currencies.

When Inflation Creates a Cheap Date

In addition to our behavior at the supermarket and the gas station, inflation has created the incentive to go on cheap dates.

What a Price With a 99 Tells Us

With Black Friday behind us and a slew of shopping days ahead, we can be even more wary about how a price with 99 cents affects us.

A Global Inflation Tour

Hopscotching from one global region to another, we would see how global inflation rates are similar and different.