How to Win a Baguette War

The pride of the French, a boulangerie baked baguette has been threatened by rock bottom supermarket baguette prices.

Why the CPI Should Have Been Higher

The U.S. BLS will be using real time data from J.D. Power for new cars and trucks in its May CPI (Consumer Price Index) release.

The Problem With Bringing Home the Bacon

Seeing the prices for bacon and oranges soar, we can ask which one of the causes of inflation is the reason.

6 Facts: What We’d Like To Know About Inflation (and Milk)

Ranging from milk to Argentina, while the range of inflation facts is massive, always they return us to the meaning of a price.

Wondering What Happened to the Bread

With rising restaurant costs for food and labor, we will be seeing different menus and wondering what happened to the bread.

The People With the Most and Least Inflation

While monthly CPI reports emphasize the average increase in prices, we can also use it to see the differences in household spending.

A Christmas Tree’s Economic Message

About much more than foliage, Christmas tree economics convey a message composed of the price increases that are rippling across the U.S.

Where Shrinkflation Is Retail Camouflage

Concerned that inflation might reduce sales, the remedy is shrinkflation through which food makers reduce package size.

How National Policy Can Respond to Floods

With flooding becoming more frequent, national policy makers need to decide if flood insurance should be more affordable or avoidable.

How Shrinkflation Makes More Become Less

When a producer is concerned that a price increase will diminish sales and increase consumers’ ire, the other alternative is shrinkflation.