How Price “Gouging” Can Help Us

Although price gouging harms countless people after a disaster, its upside is the incentive to increase supply.

Inflation and a Price Caps Pressure Cooker

Bringing back memories of 1970s wage and price controls, in the U.S. and beyond, people are contemplating price caps to control inflation.

Where Shrinkflation is Spreading

Obscuring the impact of inflation on products that range from cat food to coffee, shrinkflation has spread.

What We Can Learn From a Big Mac

Through its twice-yearly Big Mac Index, The Economist shows us what we can learn locally and globally from burger economics.

How the Cost of Children Has Changed

Knowing that tomorrow is National Tooth Fairy Day, the Tooth Fairy could be smiling…but not for long. Like most childcare costs, the Tooth Fairy’s expenses have been rising recently. Cost of Children Tooth Fairy If the Tooth Fairy visited your…

How Bruce Springsteen Should Price His Platinum Tickets

Rather than objecting to some very high Springsteen ticket prices, fans should recognize the economic ideas that justify them.

Where To Stash Your Cash

Displayed by Argentina’s inflation, when a local currency plunges in value, the demand for U.S. hundred dollar bills skyrockets.

Have We Climbed to Peak Inflation?

Seeing some prices start to slip downward, we can look for clues that indicate we are close to peak inflation.

Looking At Global Gas Prices

Looking at global gasoline prices, we can see that what we spend for a gallon is much less than people pay elsewhere.

The Prices We Pay to See Our Team Play

Comparing baseball game prices for 1960 and 2022 for tickets, food, and parking, we can see a decline in affordability.