Deciding What We Mean By Globalization

Through focus groups in the U.K. and the U.S., Pew Research tried to identify the many sides of globalization.

What We Should Know About Gen Z

Just 7 to 22 years old, Generation Z has begun to exhibit characteristics that differentiate them from previous generations.

What We Say About Trade

In a Pew’s yearly survey of trade opinions, they uncovered a slew of contradictions that show most of like trade but cannot say why.

Where Life Is Better

When approximately 43,000 people in 38 countries look back to 1967, some say life is better but others do not. The Pew Research Center gathered their answers last spring. The most positive response came from Vietnam and India. The most…

What We Should Ask About the Wealth Gap

Because economists disagree on how to measure wealth, they convey different conclusions about the history of wealth inequality and distribution..

How the EU is Like a Dysfunctional Family

Like a dysfunctional family with members who dislike each other, the EU stays together because of the benefits of David Ricardo’s comparative advantage.

The Robots Are Taking Over! (Our Most Mundane Jobs)

Future job creation will involve non-routine cognitive jobs at the top and manually varied jobs at the bottom with less in the middle because of automation.

Why There is Less Marriage

New attitudes that value marriage less and new economics through which women have more pay and education and men work less have changed marriage markets.

Do You Prefer McDonald's or Starbucks?

Shaped by monopolistic competition, the behavior of McDonald’s and Starbucks attracts different groups of consumers.

Should Gender Equity Include Diaper Changing Tables?

Women are used to seeing fold-out diaper changing tables in restrooms. A baby care convenience, they are not required by any law. Now though, California is deciding whether infants’ changing tables should be mandated. One proposal requires diapering stations in…