Why Tariff Revenue Is Peanuts

A look at tariff revenue through the lens of a peanut farmer can reveal some unexpected facts about its size and who pays it.

(Almost) All You Need To Know About Quotas

From sleeveless jackets to begging brides and young sports teams with no uniforms, the complexities of quotas can produce a slew of unpredictable results.

The Christmas Price Index Might Be As Good As the CPI

This year, the increase in the PNC Christmas Price Index far exceeded the CPI. I do wonder, though, whether the CPI is really more accurate. Whereas the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Consumer Price Index includes food, medical care and…

Emerging Markets: Brazil’s Big Mac

The price of a Big Mac can explain some of Brazil’s problems. But first, I wanted to share some insight about Brazil from financial writer James Surowiecki. In emerging markets like Brazil’s, the problems start when GDP rises, people earn…