Where Golden Visas Create Unintended Consequences

Created with the best intentions, instead, countries’ Golden Visas wound up with undesirable unintended consequences.

Why We Worry About the World’s Faster Roads

Decomposing development, researchers tell us that less road safety can constrain a middle income country’s economic growth.

What We Can Learn From a Tree

We can use a tree equity score to compare the wealth and health of two communities because of the benefits created by trees.

The Ups and Downs of Global Beer Consumption

Your beer consumption can depend on where you live, whether you prefer wine, your country’s traditions, and your income.

All We Need To Know About Toilet Paper (Shortages)

Looking for the global side of toilet paper shortages, we can go to Australia or New Jersey, and to toilet paper imports, exports, and tariffs.

A Little-Known Downside of Economic Growth

Per capita economic growth has a little-known connection to the world’s hundreds of endangered languages that could become extinct.

Six Facts: The Impact of Capitalism

With the political debate gravitating toward socialism and capitalism, today we take a look at six facts that tell us about capitalism in four countries.

How Governments Nudge Us

Whether it’s plastic straw use, energy conservation, or flu vaccinations, governments use nudges to influence our decisions.

Why We Should Care About the Night Time Economy

Inadequately supported, the food, drink, and entertainment businesses in a city’s night time economy can be a valuable source of economic growth.

What Census Takers Can Learn From Birdwatchers

Thinking of the 2020 decennial census and a bird count on a South Australian beach, we can cite similar concerns about accuracy and well being.