How Defending Men Helped Women

When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought gender discrimination against men, the battle was really about women.

Why Pregnancy Remains a Labor Force Issue

Whether looking at entrepreneurs who need venture capital funding, UPS drivers, or Walmart warehouse workers, we could see pregnancy discrimination.

Why Bitcoin Is Not a Security

Asking if bitcoin is a security, a commodity, money, or property, we get a list of different answers that lead us to regulatory questions.

Deciding Whether to Tax the Internet

The internet taxes that none of us pay may soon be required by the Supreme Court if South Dakota wins a decision against Wayfair.

The Surprises That Occupational Licenses Create

Illustrated by a tooth whitening case at the U.S. Supreme Court and new research from Northwestern, the spread of occupational licensing could need further evaluation.

The Significance of a Beer Case

Because some young men who could not buy beer in Oklahoma said the law was unconstitutional, the Supreme Court had to look at gender discrimination.

The Downside of Interrupting Women

According to Supreme Court etiquette, the justices should not be interrupted by the attorneys who appear before them. Still though, the women are interrupted. The Supreme Court On average, female Supreme Court justices are interrupted three times as much as…

Why Tomatoes are Controversial

Texas and Ohio call the tomato their state fruit. But in New Jersey, it’s the state vegetable. Where are we going? To why people care about what we call a tomato. A Supreme Court Decision Because of the Tariff of…

When It’s Okay To Discriminate

Saying firms can’t refill and resell their cartridges, Lexmark International is fighting for printer cartridge patent protection in the Supreme Court.

Protecting Cheerleader Uniforms

The Supreme Court will soon decide if, as intellectual property, the design of a cheerleader’s uniform is protected by copyright law.