The Little Cotton Swab That Had a Big Impact

Soon to celebrate its 100th birthday, the cotton swab is a seemingly small innovation that had a massive impact.

Upsetting Uber’s Economics

Legislation from the New York City Council will upset Uber economics when it limits the number of new ride-hailing vehicle licenses.

How Egg Markets Are Scrambled

The most recent avian influenza outbreak was one of the worst. In the U.S., 32 million egg-laying hens died while one third of Iowa’s egg layers were wiped out. Predictably, egg prices spiked. Yes, no one expected those high prices…

Why Eggs Aren’t Cheaper By the Dozen

Avian Flu and California’s new cage size regulations are creating shortages and higher production costs in the egg supply chain that will increase prices.

Impact of the Russian Trade Embargo on Ikea's Swedish Meatballs

Supply and demand explain the impact of the Russian embargo on goods in Russia and on the countries that export items to them like poultry and fish.