The Best New Year’s Advice From a Behavioral Economist

Having made this year’s New Year’s resolutions, next, we can ask a behavioral economist about the best ways to stick to them.

November 2022 Friday’s e-links: A Good Mystery

Continuing with our November e-links, i recommend a great mystery that is riveting and witty–perfect for temptation bundling.

November 2022 Friday’s e-links: What I Listen to Everyday

Continuing our November e-links, today I wanted to share the podcasts that update me each day when I walk several miles.

The Difference that Nine Cents Can Make

Through a mega study involving more than 60,000 participants, behavioral economists identified the most effective exercise nudges.

What a Behavioral Economist Says About Exercise

Further evidence that economics is everywhere, a behavioral economist knows how to incentivize exercise through temptation bundling.

The Two Best Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

To keep our New Year’s resolutions, behavioral economics has several simple suggestions that painlessly preserve our discipline.

How Taylor Swift Uses Temptation Bundling

Because album bundles increase our demand for a star’s recordings, they help to propel a song or album to the #1 Billboard spot.

Two Ways to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

Called temptation bundling and piggybacking, ideas from behavioral economics provide some easy to follow methods for keeping our New Year’s resolutions.

Lazy Lauren

Dear Alexa, I have to admit I’m getting lazy. As always, my New Year’s resolution is to get in shape. But the protein shakes and five a.m. wake up calls just aren’t as appealing as they used to be. Why…

The Easiest Way to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

Combining our “wants”and “shoulds” into temptation bundling, we wind up with a commitment device that helps us keep our New Year’s resolutions.