Where Female Entrepreneurs Get Less Funding

Looking at women’s venture caqpital funding in the United States and Europe, we would see a vast chasm between the women and the men.

6 Facts About College Degrees

While college degrees tend to boost our income, a closer look reveals details that take us to the major, the school, and the geography.

A Global Look At Learning (Maybe)

This week, with Singapore at the top, the OECD reported its PISA test results for global learning among 15-year-olds.

What Your Voice Says About You

Recognizing how voice matters for pay and prestige, we can better underatnd why all pilots sound the same during a commercial flight.

The Highly Skilled Labor We Rarely Think About

During the 2017 Academy Awards, a reputedly meticulous mistake-proof process was disrupted by a distracted envelope giver. Not just a messenger, the envelope giver was a partner at the prestigious accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. Most likely distracted by a tweeted photo…

What Barbie Says About Women’s Work

More than the story of a toy doll, Barbie’s history reflects how women changed their labor force participation.

When Our Performance Peaks

Identifying when we achieve our peak physical and mental performance, researchers present hope for almost every age group.

The First Foodie

Displaying the role of presidential food, Thomas Jefferson signaled American sophistication and science from his menu.

How to Gobble 62 Hot Dogs

Watching competitive eating at the annual Nathan’s contest, we need an economic explanation to understand the results.

What We Need to Know About Immigrants

Through six facts, we can get a better understanding of how our foreign born population affects the U.S. economy.