Where We Will Add Some Sanity to March Madness

Because a viral video circulated during this year’s March Madness, NCAA women’s basketball will be treated more equitably in the future.

Where the Gender Wage Gap Needs to Shrink

Returning to work, we still have a substantial gender wage gap to diminish although its size depends on the occupation and our expectations.

How March Madness Generates Gender Bias

March Madness is a brand. As a trademarked phrase, it represents more than a tournament. It is a massive moneymaker that creates excitement, rivalries, and riveted viewership. It also represents NCAA gender inequality. NCAA Gender Inequality At this year’s tournament,…

The Impact of a Price on Music and Wine

Because of the impact of a price, our opinion of the music from a Stradivarius violin or the taste of a fine wine could change.

Understanding Coronavirus as a Black Swan Event

Looking at coronavirus as a Black Swan Event, we can better grasp its predictability, its impact, and its similarly to other exceptional crises.

Signs of Gender Equity

With signs that increase gender equality in public spaces, a female presence can be explicitly recognized and affect infrastructure design and jobs.

Why Super Bowl LIII Might Not Be a Financial Bonanza

Although massive Super Bowl spending will pour into Atlanta, estimates of its economic benefit depend on whether you ask the Host Committee or an economist.

The Mom Penalty and the Dad Bonus

Confirming that children add to the gender pay gap, the motherhood penalty and the fatherhood bonus each create more of a spread between female and male earnings.

Why Super Bowl LII Won’t Be a Financial Bonanza

Probably having overestimated the amount of Super Bowl spending, Minneapolis will not find that a huge sports event is a financial bonanza.

Deciding If Wine Glass Size Matters

The size of a typical British wine glass has ballooned during the past 300 years. Close to 70 ml in 1700, now it is more than six times bigger. Where are we going? To glass, plate, and portion sizes. Wine…