Debating the Impact of California’s New Minimum Wage

With California’s minimum wage hike to $20 for selected workers, economists continue to debate if the increase boosts unemployment.

The Minimum Wage Debate

Whether looking at Germany’s minimum wage hike or David Card’s classic 1992 study, still raising the minimum wage can be controversial.

Taking Sides in the Minimum Wage Debate

As New York’s hourly minimum wage started heading toward $15 while Pennsylvania’s remained at $7.25, some of the results were surprising.

The Downside of a Minimum Wage Increase

While it is easy for us to see when the minimum wage goes up, the impact on low wage workers’ non-wage compensation is much less evident.

A Minimum Wage Surprise

While minimum wage momentum appears to have accelerated during November when voters approved new hikes, some recent surprises could indicate a reversal.

How to Upset the Minimum Wage Debate

Economists on one side of the minimum wage debate just got some extra ammunition from the results of a University of Washington study.

The Many Sides of the Minimum Wage Debate

The complexities of the minimum wage debate involve different incentives for employers and employees and different minimum wages in the U.S.

Income Inequality Questions

Seeing economists Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty’s favorite graph of the year at Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog, I thought of Benoit Mandelbrot. The father of fractal geometry, Dr. Mandelbrot told us that the closer you look, the more you see. From a…