How the World Helped to Create a Cheese Glut

Russia has committed fromagicide. Our (vastly simplified) story can start with Russia’s policy in Ukraine. Next we had trade restrictions from the U.S., EU, Australia, Canada and other nations. Then Russia responded with new trade rules that banned a long list of…

How Cheese and Salmon Tell the Russian Embargo Story

Shifting from the EU to Russia and the Faeroes, Russia’s embargo trade barriers changed export and import winners and losers for cheese and salmon.

The Smell Test That Some EU Cheese Makers Failed

Just like tariffs and other trade barriers, the Russian embargo of EU cheese helped Russian cheese makers as increases in supply and demand raised prices.

The Reason There Are Fewer Russian McDonald’s

Embargoing goods from countries that imposed sanctions, Russia included McDonald’s and ignored the benefits of David Ricardo’s comparative advantage.

Impact of the Russian Trade Embargo on Ikea's Swedish Meatballs

Supply and demand explain the impact of the Russian embargo on goods in Russia and on the countries that export items to them like poultry and fish.