Where Thursday Could Become the New Friday

Asking about the 4-day workweek, we can look at the answers from a recent study in Iceland and also at Sweden, Germany, and Italy.

Why People Do and Don’t Pay Taxes

The economists who think about paying taxes tell us that there are so many different reasons that people do and do not comply.

Comparing Welfare in 13 Countries

Although the per capita GDP gap between two countries could appear large, the difference shrinks when you bring welfare into your calculations.

Italy’s Demographic Disaster

Looking at Italy’s aging population and the impact on national spending, we might better understand the populist direction of Italian politics.

A Demographic Disaster

Hoping to increase the size of a future labor force that will support its aging population, Italy scheduled and then canceled a fertility day.

Will We Find More Tax Evasion in Italy or Sweden?

When comparing tax evasion among Italians and Swedes, the surprise results show that social norms can influence tax behavior.

Grandpa’s Growing Slice of the Income Pie

With aging populations growing in many countries, income distribution tradeoffs will be necessary for pensions, subsidized investments and bonds.

Italy and the EU: An Internet Story

Looking at internet connectivity as a part of the EU’s information infrastructure, we can see how Italy is behind and reflects member nation contrasts.

A Closer Look at the EU 28 Economic Growth Rate

Looking at a European average economic growth rate, unemployment rate and GDP to debt ratio is misleading because of countries’ disparate economies.

Caffeine Highs and Lows

Among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world, euro-zone consumers are cutting back. As one Milan café owner explained, “Since the beginning of the year most of our regulars cut their coffees from around four to two a day. Sometimes,…