Where and Why Farmers Are Furious

Separated by 6,582 km (4,090 miles), near Paris and New Delhi, farmer protests hope to achieve similar and yet different goals.

Where to Find the Best Taxes

Identifying the best tax codes, the Tax Foundation ranked five major tax variables and a slew of subcategories for 38 OECD countries.

Why There Is More Interest in the Budget

While a national deficit is normal, the recent reason for its projected growth has not been seen for decades.

Why Norway Needs a Floating Wind Turbine

Norway’s stat-of-the-art gargantuan floating wind turbines will let them use wind power in many surprising ways.

How to Change an Infrastructure

Whether looking from the bottom up or top down, a U.S. transportation infrastructure injection of many billions of dollars is complex.

How Grandma Responds to a Debt Default

Affecting citizens, creditors, and contractors, a debt default is a personal event that touches the lives of millions of people.

The Best and Worst Tax Systems

Comparing tax systems for higher income nations, we can be somewhat surprised by the OECD’s top and bottom countries.

Our Lawmakers’ Conflict Between Politics and Math

Published by the Concord Coalition, there is a timeline for the federal budget process. Already, the Senate Budget Committee missed its April 1st deadline:   While the good news is that all of us want less spending, the bad news…

Our Most Up-to-Date Social Security Worries

With the newest Trustees Report, Social Security projections indicate the Congress might echo its 1983 negotiations.

Where You Don’t Want To Be a Trillionaire

We could say that repeatedly, Zimbabwe’s inflation rate is so high that their dollar cannot possibly be called money.