When Does Cash Matter?

Looking at the economic impact of India’s 2016 demonetization of large denomination rupees, researchers concluded that cash still matters.

Why It’s Tough to Catch Venezuela’s Runaway Hyperinflation

Calming the everyday monetary chaos created by Venezuela’s hyperinflation is about much more than lopping zeros off its currency.

Why the Secret Service Monitors Fake Movie Money

When Rush Hour 2 needed many millions in 100 dollar bills, Independent Studio Services (ISS) sent them 14 pallet loads of 4′ x 4′ cubes of fake money. During the filming, the Secret Service showed up, issued a cease and…

The Countries With the Most and Least Cash

India appears to love its cash. Last year’s demonetization of large bills was supposed to diminish the use of cash, eliminate “black money,” and expand the digital economy. However, even without the high value notes, the currency supply dipped and…

Deciding What is Real Money

While intuitively, we know the characteristics of money, when we receive a bent coin or a half of a dollar bill, we might wonder if we can spend it.

Where Cash (sort of) Rules

Like Mark Twain saying, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” non-cash payments have not eliminated currency.

An Artist Who Made Money

As an artist, a forger, or both, J.S.G. Boggs has made museums, colleges, Scotland Yard and the U.S. Secret Service decide what is fake money.

Do We Need Pennies?

Phasing out pennies is about much more than mostly zinc coins, carrying around too much change, and paying $2.01 for a tall coffee.

Why We Can’t Call the U.S. Cashless

While an impending cashless society is creating problems for Sweden’s bank robbers, in the U.S. cash is still a popular form of payment.

How Cash Affects What We Buy

Because we tend to value our cash purchases more than what we buy with plastic and direct deposit, the trend to online shopping will affect brand loyalty.