Where LEGO is More Than a Toy

Instead of spending hours or even days constructing a multi-thousand piece set, many thousnads of people prefer investing in LEGOs.

Why Hamilton Fights Bots

Hoping to control Hamilton’s ticket prices, the show’s producers are waging a war against the bots and scalpers that distort supply and demand.

How To Make a $200 Sneaker Worth $8000

As an oligopoly, Nike uses limited edition sneakers, coveted by Sneakerheads, to compete because they create cache, a cool image, and eliminate discounting.

Is the Super Bowl “Cheap” This Year?

From SeatGeek: January, 2013 $500-$2500 is the face value range for 2014 Super Bowl tickets. By contrast, in 1967, the least expensive box office ticket to the first Super Bowl would have cost you $6. Using an inflation calculator, I…