The Cities That Innovate the Most

Prosperity is becoming increasingly concentrated as talent attracts talent and highly educated workers are moving to the same innovation centers.

One Reason We Can’t Believe in Innate Talent

Limiting potential economic growth, the myth of innate talent in disciplines like philosophy diminishes the pool of female and Afro-American human capital.

Chart of the Week: To Which Job Will Your College Major Take You?

Our Sunday chart of the week Just some human capital facts today… Showing the proportion of people from a college major that go to a certain kind of job, the following graphics connect college majors with employment groups. The original interactive graphics…

What is the Real Gender Wage Gap?

It is tough to identify the gender wage gap and why we have it but I think a group of people who live in Northeast India provide some pretty good answers. But first… The U.S. Gender Pay Gap If we…

Which College Grads Have Unemployment Problems?

With a 6.7% unemployment rate and 74,000 jobs created for December, are you okay if you have a bachelor’s degree? I discovered some answers in a new paper from the NY Fed. Unemployment and underemployment for recent college graduates have been…