Why China is Eating More Cranberries

For China, becoming a middle income country is about more than per capita income. It is also about cranberries. Chinese Cranberry Consumption In 2013, most Chinese consumers had not heard of the cranberry and, until recently, they even had no word for…

What the New Chinese Consumer is Buying

Buying more yogurt, movie tickets and premium products instead of instant noodles, the consumer is a new focus for China’s statisticians.

Really Understanding the World

Seeing the world develop through bubble animation from Hans Rosling makes health and income statistics mesmerizingly enjoyable.

Weekly Roundup: From Speed Eating to Slow Aging

Our everyday economics includes development, automation, taxes, fiscal policy, GDP, entitlements, entrepreneurs, negative externalities and environment.

The Difference Between India's Stories and Statistics

There is a village in Southern India called Kadapakkam. It had been a home to farmers and fishermen whose thatched huts had no running water and no electrical appliances. At traditional tea shops located at the side of the local, narrow and potholed road, you could meet a friend. One 62…