May 2021 Friday’s e-links: From Big Tech to Two Great Books

For this month’s first three e-links, we recommend some learning and lots of pleasure through one big tech article and two mysteries.

May 2021 Friday’s e-links: From Big Tech to a Great Detective

For this month’s first two e-links, we recommend some learning and some relaxation through a big tech article and a detective series.

May 2021 Friday’s e-links: A Big Tech Graphic

For May’s e-links, we begin with a Washington Post article that presents a graphic history of big tech that shows how they grew so large.

What We Might Not Know About Big Tech

Comparing the companies called big tech, we can see the similar ways that they grew, diversified, and became increasingly powerful.

What We Would Pay for Facebook

A group of economists estimated the value of digital services like Facebook to illustrate a new way to think about the GDP.

Social Media’s Hidden Cost

While we all know when we are wasting time on social media, it is tougher to uncover the hidden cost that is paid by the entire economy.

The Real Problem With Facebook’s Business Model

To understand the problem with Facebook’s ad revenue business model, we can just look at the role played by price as an incentive.

Should the Word “Glass” Belong to Google?

Neither raisin bran nor shredded wheat are names that Kellogg’s can trademark. And yet Apple has trademarked “Apple.” Should Google be able to claim “glass?” Several days ago, the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office told Google that “Glass” was “merely…