Six Facts: The Economic Side of the French Bulldog

Six facts about the economics of French bulldogs can explain why they are popular, expensive, and appeal to dognappers.

Throwback Thursday: Looking Back at the Tiffany Brand

Shifting from Audrey Hepburn elegance to Lady Gaga, the Tiffany brand has a new face to market its luxury image and its Veblen goods.

Why the Superrich Earn So Much

The reason that the superrich who are in finance, entertainment, and technology can earn much more than 19th century superstars is technology.

Creative Destruction: How Super Star Musicians Make Money

As the old music business cycle unfolded, top performers got a substantial cash advance to make an album, they toured for several months or maybe a year and then MTV promoted their videos. At that point, they took a break…

GDP: Does Lady Gaga Count?

The United States just got a little richer but not because of the economic recovery. We are just changing what is included in the GDP. First a little history. I have always been fascinated by the story of Simon Kuznets. A…

Apple vs. Amazon in the Fight Over Gaga

From a guest blogger, Frances Bird, AP econ student: Lady Gaga, America’s current pop queen sensation, is being used to boost Amazon sales, if not permanently, then temporarily. Amazon is using Lady Gaga’s recent album, Born This Way, to compete…