Why Federal Spending Is Tough to Predict for Entitlement Programs

Looking back at Medicare and Medicaid, we can see why there are several versions of spending projections for the American Families Plan.

Why Healthcare Spending Might Be Less Than We Think

When we look at the cost effectiveness of healthcare spending, we could conclude that it is not as excessive as the headlines indicate.

The Importance of Accurately Estimating When We Will Die

Retirement savings and income depend on the person’s prior income, longevity, the macroeconomic environment, Social Security and other entitlement programs.

Where Do the Slimmest Americans Live?

Because obesity related diseases increase entitlement spending, should government use penalties rather than incentives to slim the US population?

Chart of the Week: The Rare Disease Spending Dilemma

Our Sunday Chart of the Week Since our chart looks at Medicaid spending on rare diseases, we better start with Medicaid. It is complicated. Yes, Medicaid targets the poor and has federal and state funding. However, varying from state to…

When Does it Cost Too Much to Save a Human Life?

Is $1 a day for someone else’s pill too much to pay with your tax dollars? $10? $100? $1,000? Kaiser Health News recently reported that a new treatment for hepatitis C with a 90% success rate will cost $1,000 a pill. Lasting 12 weeks, the treatment…

Medicaid: What Will Happen in 2014?

I suspect that the more you study Medicaid the less you know. We better start with by saying Medicaid is not what most of us think it is. Yes, it involves medical care for the poor. But, federal law says…

Big Bird’s Issues

All the talk about Big Bird and federal funding is really about 2 much bigger issues. 1. Discretionary Spending With proposed spending in the Obama 2013 budget at 3.7 trillion dollars, a tiny proportion–between 1 and 2 percent, goes to the…

Election Economics: What To Know For The First Presidential Debate

Presidential debate moderator Jim Lehrer said there would be six 15-minute segments in the first presidential debate on October 3rd. Devoting the entire first half to “the economy,” he will also cover healthcare, the role of government, and “governing.” Like the…

Election Economics: How Successful is the US Healthcare System?

It might be tough to use statistics to judge US health care. Among OECD countries (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), from 1980 to 1999, for life expectancy, the US ranked #19 and Canada was #5. However, the order flips–US…