Why Vinyl and CDs Are About More Than Music

As recorded music formats repeatedly changed during the past 50 years, we saw the progress that creative destruction can create.

Why We Want More (Academy Award Winning) Actors

Although yesterday, Academy Award diversity was boosted by Everything Everywhere All at Once, still the numbers are low.

What Does Our Well-Being Cost?

Through new well-being metrics, we can see alternative criteria to which policy makers can respond after the GDP.

What Movie Makers Say About Gender

Looking behind-the-scenes at women in film jobs, a NY Times critic cites progress from rather dismal figures.

Why Justin Bieber Cares About Catalog Shopping

Celebrities like Juston Bieber have monetized future income very differently from government’s monetization policies.

A Feel Good Story From Gander

Streaming on Apple TV, “Come From Away” tells how the residents of Gander, Newfoundland warmly cared for thousands of unexpected guests.

Our Surprising Response to Peak TV

Faced with hundred of thousands of titles to choose from and what might be called peak TV, our response is surprising.

How Netflix is Like Starbucks

Offering an option with ads, the new Netflix prices could be compared to low priced basic coffee at Starbucks.

The Colorful Side of Giant Panda Economics

Looking closely at giant panda economists, we see that zoos have undertaken an immense expense that might not be worth it.

Why $195 Million Was A Disappointing Price

Shown by a Christie’s auction this week of an an Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe silkscreen, pricing a painting can be unpredictable.