How to Develop a New Apple

Like iPhones and iPads, Cosmic Crisp apples were developed and tested and patented by scientists during many years of research.

The Beer Ads That Started the Corn Syrup War

During Super Bowl LIII, Bud Light’s beer ads started a corn syrup war that unfolded during the game and after but was really about product differentiation.

Solving McDonald’s Soggy French Fries Problem

McDonald’s current delivery problem with soggy French fries is somewhat similar to what it had to solve more than forty years ago.

The Unusual Ad That Sells Washing Machines

Samsung’s washing machine competition demonstrates typical oligopoly behavior through a 66 minute ad that stars red socks.

Why We Like Trix and Chips

When General Mills switched to an all natural Trix, the response was not quite what they expected. One mom said, “My kids find the color of the new Trix cereal quite depressing.” Another Trix lover complained, “It’s basically a salad now.”…

The Mystery of the Footlong Sandwich’s Missing Inch

When a Subway footlong is 11 inches and a box of Whoppers is half full, we can ask about the lawsuits that tried to remedy their misleading packaging.

Why a Super Bowl Ad Can Cost $5 Million

Perfect for brands like Snickers and Bud Light, $5 million Super Bowl ads have the audience and the hype that lets large firms share a distinct message.

How a Sound Sells a Product

Suggesting luxury or freshness or just plain pleasing, sometimes product sounds can be an unforgettable competitive tool.

The Importance of the Color of a Soda Can

About more than their recipes, food makers can achieve product differentiation through sound and packaging because taste is multi-sensory.

Weekly Roundup: From Neighborhood Names to Middle Class Jobs

Our weekly roundup includes the tie between chili pepper heat and standardized measures, offshoring and the middle class and neighborhoods and brands.