The Minimum Wage Debate

Whether looking at Germany’s minimum wage hike or David Card’s classic 1992 study, still raising the minimum wage can be controversial.

What Economists Say About the Minimum Wage

The night before President Roosevelt signed the law that established the first federal hourly minimum wage, he warned in his fireside chat that we should, “…not let any calamity-howling executive with an income of $1,000 a day, …tell you…that a…

Where to Find a Higher Minimum Wage

Traveling around the United States, you would see a minimum wage that varied from state to state and among different cities.

A Minimum Wage Surprise

While minimum wage momentum appears to have accelerated during November when voters approved new hikes, some recent surprises could indicate a reversal.

How to Upset the Minimum Wage Debate

Economists on one side of the minimum wage debate just got some extra ammunition from the results of a University of Washington study.

No Free Lunch at Restaurants With a Higher Minimum Wage

One Sarasota Springs, NY Ben & Jerry’s franchise says more than several academic studies about the possible impact of a higher minimum wage.

Why the Same Minimum Wage is Really Different

Comparing median and minimum wage and looking at how the cost of living varies, we can see that the wisdom of a $15 minimum wage hike depends on location.

Weekly Roundup: From Raisin Reserves to Greek Bank Reserves

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More on Raisin Freedom

Basing their decision on the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment, the Supreme Court said the USDA raisin reserve could not longer seize farmers’ raisins.

Our Weekly Roundup: From Bank Regulation to Water Taxation

This week’s everyday economics stories included minimum wage, price floors, cost-benefit analysis, behavioral economics, financial regulation and public goods.