Who Is Wealthy?

Asking who is rich can take us to the numbers that stae our income or we can use income inequality to get some answers.

Where and When We Can Find the Most Wealth

Looking at the world’s affluence we can point a lens at billionaire wealth and at global income inequality.

What Main Street and Wall Street Say About Your Wealth

A closer look at U.S. wealth distribution reveals the role of home and securities ownership and the vast gap between the top and bottom 50 percent.

The Income Inequality That Doesn't Bother Us

When people talk about the top 1%, they are probably not thinking about NY Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter or Seattle’s MLS forward, Clint Dempsey. For 2014, Jeter signed a $12 million contract and Dempsey makes close to $5 million. However, they all take us to income inequality. Using…