The Impact of Last Year’s Academy Awards

A year ago at the Academy Awards, Frances McDormand gave the movie studios a nudge when she referred to the inclusion rider.

How to Know If You Are a Millennial

Using a lens that divides us by generations, we can look more closely at Millennial characteristics to see how they differ from other age groups.

The Economics of a Smile

In a list of smiling societies, the U.S. could be close to the top for a surprising reason that relates to immigration and diversity.

Misleading Gender Discrimination Statistics

Using statistics to identify gender discrimination accurately, we should look at the components of summary results to avoid Simpson’s paradox.

The Popularity of Congress

How to perceive Congress? As a whole, Congress is less popular than lice and brussel sprouts according to one poll. In its questionnaire, Public Policy Polling specifically asked respondents if they had a higher opinion of Congress than each of the…