What If Everyone Worked Less?

After an experiment at a Swedish nursing home, some people are saying that “less is more.” Where are we going? To the work/life balance. The Swedish Experiment Researchers wanted to find out if less time at work created more productivity.…

A Turkey Top Ten

Thanksgiving economics is about the land, labor and capital that determine what the Pilgrims ate in 1621 and what we eat now.

A Thanksgiving Top Ten List

Using economic analysis, the top ten reasons for eating turkey on Thanksgiving include substitute and complementary goods, utility and opportunity cost.

A Thanksgiving Mystery

Although supply and demand should increase turkey prices at Thanksgiving, supermarkets discount turkeys.

Ben Franklin’s Turkey

The bald eagle is our national bird but, according to Ben Franklin, the turkey should have been. In a letter to his daughter, he explains why. “True original natives,” turkeys are American birds. “…Though a little vain and silly, [the…