The Connection Between Traffic Jams and Jobs

As the downside of low unemployment, traffic congestion can have an invisible cost that relates to time, gas, and aggravation.

Lessons From the App Economy

Tracing the history of the app economy from the surprising first million dollar app to today, we would see how similar it is to a simple pencil.

How an ATM is More Than a Money Machine

A banking innovation that is more than a money machine, the ATM’s impact on bank tellers shows the impact of Joseph Schumpeter’s creative destruction.

The Robots Are Taking Over! (Our Most Mundane Jobs)

Future job creation will involve non-routine cognitive jobs at the top and manually varied jobs at the bottom with less in the middle because of automation.

The Downside of Cheap Oil

Cheap oil creates a tradeoff for GDP growth between a consumer spending more and oil producers cutting back on jobs and investment.

How Wrong Are BLS Jobs Numbers?

China and Nepal used to disagree about the height of Mount Everest. Nepal counted the snow caps while China just included the rock height. Consequently, Nepal said the peak was 4 meters higher than China. Then, in 2010, China said okay, the…