Economic History

US economic history starts with the 13 colonies and the transition from communal to individual land ownership, continues with 19th century economic growth and takes us to the role of services during the 20th century. Involving government, consumers and businesses, at econlife, economic history provides more understanding of today’s economy.

The Demise of the Gas Station

Looking at gas station economics now and in the future, we see electric vehicle (EV) chargers as an existential threat.

How the 1930s UAW Strike Is Like Today

Comparing two UAW strikes, we can see that the 1930s and 2023 are really not that different when we look at a changing economy.

When a Box Is a Big Deal

Starting with the middle of the 20th century, as transport costs have shrunk, a slew of complementary innovations made shipping even cheaper.

How to Reduce Range Anxiety

Near the top of a list of innovative countries, Sweden is where we could find a road that charges EVs (electric vehicles).

How an Economic Growth Path Can Lead to High Income

If the Dominican Republic’s economy continues the convergence velocity predicted by the IMF, it will avoid the middle income trap.

Where Self-Driving Cars Could Take Us

Ultimately creating unintended consequences, more self-driving cars will change insurance policies and pedestrian behavior.

How to Change an Infrastructure

Whether looking from the bottom up or top down, a U.S. transportation infrastructure injection of many billions of dollars is complex.

What An “X” Can Mean

Reflected by logo rebranding, Martk Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are trying to change the identiies of their companies.

The First Foodie

Displaying the role of presidential food, Thomas Jefferson signaled American sophistication and science from his menu.

How Alexander Hamilton Gave Us Economic Independence

Remembering that independence is not only politics, today we can also honor the economic independence that Alexander Hamilton created.