Why Purell is More Than a Hand Sanitizer

A classic story about entrepreneurs, Purell history displays how a wife and her husband satisfied a need before it existed.

Amazon Economics

Starting with Whole Foods, today’s Amazon economics lesson will include topics that range from Amazon’s acquisitions and innovations to their IPO.

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

A person whose goal is growth and innovation, the founder of Parcel is an example of Joseph Schumpeter’s high impact entrepreneur and creative destruction.

The Invisible People in Your Life

The highly skilled human capital that we ignore is invisible because their behind-the scenes jobs make things work.

Joseph Schumpeter: Economic Models and Eileen Ford

Eileen Ford died this week. An entrepreneur who transformed the business of beauty, Eileen Ford’s talent was pairing a face with a camera. During its earlier years, the women her modeling agency represented included Martha Stewart, Ali MacGraw, Suzy Parker, Candice Bergen, and…

What Barbie Tells Us About Women

Our Monday gender issue focus Equipped with a smart phone, a tablet and her distinctively shapely proportions, pink-clad Entrepreneur Barbie just arrived. Because Barbie reflects what has become culturally acceptable, I guess we should applaud her newest incarnation. In 1959, Barbie…

What You Might Not Know About Alibaba's Jack Ma

Seeing the Alibaba IPO in the headlines, I wanted to share these excerpts from a 2006 CNN interview of Jack Ma: About his firm’s name: “One day I was in San Francisco in a coffee shop, and I was thinking…

The Significance of the Frisbee

The story of the Frisbee begins in a backyard during a Thanksgiving dinner in 1937. Fred Morrison and his girlfriend Lucile “Lu” Nay were tossing a  popcorn-tin lid when they switched to a cake pan because it had better aerodynamics.…