A Surprising Mini Baby Bump

Whereas fewer babies are born during recessions and major catastrophes, it appears we could have a pandemic baby boom surprise.

How the Cost of Children Has Changed

Knowing that tomorrow is National Tooth Fairy Day, the Tooth Fairy could be smiling…but not for long. Like most childcare costs, the Tooth Fairy’s expenses have been rising recently. Cost of Children Tooth Fairy If the Tooth Fairy visited your…

An Update: How a House Builds the GDP

A detailed look at how housing spending boosts the GDP reveals every floor of the expense and its significance.

The Problem With Our Economic Outlook

When assessing the economy consumers used to perceive economic indicators accurately but more recently their outlook has been skewed.

Where We Are Moving and Why

Using data from Atlas and United Van Lines, and the U.S. Census, we can look more closely at U.S. migration during 2021.

Why We Run Out of Gas

Suggesting causation, people are pointing out that as gasoline prices go up, more drivers are stranded with an empty tank.

The Cost of Raising a Child

While the most recent USDA totals are outdated, the tooth fairy and teenage baby sitters can tell us the up-to-date cost of raising a child.

A Where, What, and Who Primer for Mother’s Day Spending

Knowing that consumers fuel the GDP, we can ask if our projected Mother’s Day spending will continue to support the economy.

Who Is Middle Class?

Precision is impossible when defining the middle class because we all know what we mean until we try to agree on the criteria.

When Is Amazon Prime’s Price Too Pricey?

While the history of Amazon Prime price hikes shows membership continued to grow, we can ask if a new increase will have the same impact.