Why We Might Not Want Our Water Bottle

Although thirst became less of a reason to drink more water, we were drinking more of it after inventing hydration.

How Fast Fashion Is Slowing Sales

With more of us taking advantage of fast fashion firms’ easy online return policies, they’ve decided their cost is too high.

Why Hogs Are Happier

With a May 2023 decision about animal welfare, the Supreme Court affected the supply and demand for pork bellies.

Where Less AC Might Mean More

Paradoxically, because air conditioning demand could increase with a more efficient window unit, we could have some unintended consequences.

New Nudges From the Invisible Hand

Moving from the bottom up, the power of the market gives countless nudges to consumers and businesses that shape their berjavior.

The Story of a Superfake Market

Called superfakes, the handbags that are sold in counterfeit markets are a surprisingly large participant in world trade.

How A Brand Is Powerful

When Disney+ launched in 2019, the price was $6.99 a month. Now it’s $10.99. However, those of us that subscribe to Disney+ pretty much ignored the price pop. Although during December 2022, they offered an ad supported cheaper alternative, 94%…

Why Some People Want More C02

Thinking of the craft beer makers’ CO2 shortages, we can say that not everyone is worried about too much CO2.

A Tale of Two Turkeys

From farms to grocery stores to the dining table, the Covid supply crunch has made Thanksgiving meal plans unpredictable.

Why Fortnite and Ferrari Became a Pair

When it comes to collaboration, Oreo and Fortnite have discovered that sometimes two brands can be better than one.