When Daylight Saving Is Not the Best Time

Whereas many of us ask whether we should switch between daylight saving time and standard time, the question is not quite so simple.

Was Last Night’s Time Change a Mistake?

Having happily enjoyed an extra hour of sleep, I just returned to standard time. So too did more than 300 million Americans in every state except Arizona and Hawaii. But should we “spring forward” next March? Consumer Spending With the energy savings…

Deciding When and Why to Change the Time

When states change the congressional mandate for daylight saving time they help and hinder business, labor, energy use and safety.

The Problems We Have With Being On Time

Decisions that relate to standardizing clock time and solar time, and global time zones create commercial negative and positive externalities.

The Unintended Consequences of Daylight Saving Time

We should cancel daylight saving time because studies show that the opportunity cost of energy use has changed since Ben Franklin suggested “early to rise.”

Changing Times: Daylight Saving

Changing to daylight saving, have you ever thought about who should control time? During the 1880s, the railroads said that they should. With railroad companies observing 52 different times and even more variation among cities and towns, a group of…