The Healthcare Incentives We Cannot Avoid

The healthcare incentives that shape patient demand and physician supply do not necessarily cut cost and improve well-being.

Health Care Spending: The Impact of the Deductible

With some unintended consequences, a large self-insured employer cut health care spending by switching from free employee health care to a high deductible.

The Response to Calorie Labels

Although research shows the impact is small, the Affordable Care Act will soon mandate calorie labels and nutrition information in restaurant chains.

The Problem With Priceless Medical Care

Currently tough to find, rational hospital prices would help hospitals control cost, eliminate price discrimination. improve efficiency and care.

The Values That Make Us Spend More

For major OECD countries and the U.S., the source and destination for healthcare spending reflect national values about limited government.

Four Maps That Tell What We Really Know About a Supreme Court Healthcare Decision

Affecting ACA tax credit subsidies in 34 states, the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act decision will impact entitlement spending.

Why Would a Firm Not Want 50 Employees?

Economist Casey Mulligan says that the Affordable Care Act will impact labor markets by diminishing productively through perverse incentives.

John Stuart Mill on Affordable Health Care

A child prodigy, 19th century economist John Stuart Mill said in his Autobiography that, “I have no remembrance of the time when I began Greek; I have been told that it was when I was three years old. My earliest…

A Surprising Connection Between Tennessee and the Affordable Care Act

There is probably a tradeoff between health insurance and the demand for jobs. During 2005 in Tennessee, the demand for jobs increased when 170,000 people lost their Medicaid health insurance coverage. Researchers call that jobs/health insurance tie, the “employment lock.” Looking at…