Where An Online Collectible is Worth $69 Million

Using V-bucks, Fortnite players accumulate the skins that make look alike video characters more unique. One thousand V-bucks could cost close to $9.99. Below, you are looking at a rare skin:   Similar and yet very different, another online collectible…

Why Superstar Salaries Are So High

Seeing that LeBron James has a four-year $154 million deal, we can ask what makes superstar salaries for athletes so high.

Deciding Who Owns LeBron’s Tattoo

A Manhattan court will decide if tattoos on NBA athletes like LeBron James can have a copyright that protects artists’ intellectual property rights.


Called “LeBronomics” by NPR’s Planet Money, LeBron James’ decision to go to Miami was about much more than $99 million. Instead, the key issue was “utils”. Whenever economists want to quantify satisfaction, they use the “util”. If LeBron had selected…