When Is Amazon Prime’s Price Too Pricey?

While the history of Amazon Prime price hikes shows membership continued to grow, we can ask if a new increase will have the same impact.

When E-Cigarette Taxes Increased Smoking

Ranging from Argentina to Uganda, countries have banned e-cigarette sales. Elsewhere, hoping to minimize smoking, nations use e-cigarette taxes. The taxes though have had unintended consequences. Let’s take a look. E-Cigarette Taxes Globally, we have 30 countries that ban e-cigarettes…

The Surprising Side of Our Pandemic Spending

Comparing consumer spending for higher and low income households, we might be surprised by which ones rebounded sooner.

Where Gasoline Is Most and Least Affordable

When we look at where the world’s gasoline prices are high and low, we could be surprised with their affordability.

Why More Babies Were Born Nine Months After a Football (Soccer) Game

Because of events that range from football victories to electrical outages, birth rates can spike or fall nine months later.

Who Will Care About the Starbucks Price Hike?

When coffee drinkers hear that some prices at Starbucks will rise, their response will depend how how elastic their demand is.

Soda Tax Election Results

Some of us call it soda, others, pop. And even when referring to a drink that is not Coca-Cola, a third group says Coke. The following 2015 map shows where you would say “Pop” and why I say “Soda” in New…

A Brexit Scare From Unilever

Unilever just created a Brexit Scare. Saying its commodity prices are rising while the pound sterling is sinking, Unilever wants to charge 10% more. Britain’s largest supermarket chain, Tesco, is resisting. At first Tesco removed many Unilever products from its…

The Problem With the Soda Tax

Telling us that Berkeley’s sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) tax had fizzled, an August 2015 paper explained why. Where are we going? To the unpredictable impact of a soda tax. The Berkeley SSB Tax Berkeley’s basic idea was to tax the supply side.…

The Impact of a Minimum Alcohol Price

The Scotch Whisky Association has taken Scotland’s Parliament to court because of a MUP.  The goal of the MUP–a Minimum-Unit Pricing law–was to reduce alcohol consumption. Where are we going? To the impact of an alcohol price floor. Some Background In 2012,…