Deciding if We Are in a “She-Cession”

In our pre-pandemic 2019 world, the number of service sector jobs that attracted women went up. Meanwhile, male-dominated sectors except for construction had fewer jobs: Ahead by 109,000 jobs, women became a majority of the labor force. The Pandemic Gender…

The Mystery of the Missing Offshored Jobs

Tulsa Remote says it was swamped with applicants. Launched in November 2018, the Program offers $10,000, a $1,000 housing stipend, and free communal office space to the chosen few. To apply you just need to have a job you can…

Solving the Mystery of the Disappearing Workers

One reason we have a labor force participation rate of 62.4 percent is because retirees, students, the disabled and people who care for family do not work.

What If One Quarter of Your Population is Old?

As a growing demographic, the aging population in China has been targeted by businesses selling consumer goods and residential and financial services.