Some New Spin For Vinyl Records

Rather than new technology, the recent surge in the popularity of vinyl records represents a return to the past.

The Mystery of the Missing Tuna

After a court battle over the length of its footlong, Subway was again in court trying to prove that its tuna sub has tuna.

What We Need To Know About Decarbonization Policy

Looking at some of the key ideas from the World Energy Outlook 2021, we can see why decarbonization-policy is a huge challenge.

Our Weekly Economic News Roundup: From Airline Baggage Bins to Poor Punctuation Problems

Connecting economics, current events, and history, this week’s economic news roundup ranges from Covid can shortages to corporate taxes.

A Bottle, Can, and Cup Calamity

Affecting glass, plastic, and aluminum, container shortages are constraining the production of disparate kinds of beverages.

Six Ways to Look at Innovation

Identifying global innovation leaders, we can look at 132 economies, at income groups, at regions, and even creative destruction.

Our Weekly Economic News Roundup: From Garbage Pails to a Green Google

Weekly Roundup​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Sunday 10.03.21 The million dollar garbage pails… Monday 10.04.21 Why flood insurance is flawed… Tuesday 10.05.21 What we can learn from a home plate umpire… Wednesday 10.06.21 The hidden cost of social media… Thursday 10.07.21 Six broken supply…

When Carbon is Like a Calorie

By looking at the impact of the Affordable Care Act’s calorie label mandate, we can guess how much Google’s emission facts will influence us.

Social Media’s Hidden Cost

Ranging from individuals to the entire economy, the cost of social media generally and of Facebook specifically ripples in many directions.

When Baseball Umpires Should Not Pay Attention

Shown by home plate umpires, paying attention becomes easier when we use it less in the past or expect not to need it in the future.