December e-links: One Doggy, Two Economists, Tom Hanks, and the Decade’s Anomalies

My final December e-link is a WSJ column that, looking back at the decade’s economic anomalies, tries to understand why they happened.

December e-links: One Doggy, Two Economists, and Tom Hanks

For considerable enjoyment and a good read that you listen to, Tom Hanks’s narration of Ann Patchett’s “The Dutch House” was superb.

December e-links: Doggy and Economist Interviews

From this month’s first e-link of doggy co-op interviews, today, I’ve gone to the other extreme with a thought provoking talk between two economists.

African Developments

In Malawi, when local newspapers referred to the president as “the big kahuna,” his office threatened a jail sentence if they did not stop. This threat and subsequent events take us straight to Why Nations Fail. Malawi is a small…