A Quick and Easy Look at Real Unemployment Numbers

While the headlines tell us the monthly unemployment rate, we can look at other numbers in the report to get the whole story.

Unemployment Questions

Friday’s employment report had good news and bad news. There was considerably less unemployment and considerably less job creation. Moving from 9.4% to 9%, the unemployment rate decreased more than most people expected. However, the job creation number, 36,000, was…

Jobs and Crocodiles

Hearing yesterday’s employment numbers, I recalled the Malaysian proverb, “Don’t think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm.” Everyone is worried about crocodiles. Looking beneath the surface, the employment numbers could be troublesome. The water may look smooth…

Is The Unemployment Rate Accurate?

My class has wondered, with a civilian labor force of over 150 million people, how unemployment statistics can possibly be accurate. Tomorrow