How Stock Market Activity Relates to the World Cup

Researchers have identified how much and why there is a correlation between FIFA World Cup matches and stock market activity.

The Cornhole BagGate Scandal

At this year’s American Cornhole World Championship, the cheating accusations could have the same impact as economic corruption claims.

How Much Is a Record Breaking Ball Worth?

Because of the sports market’s record breakers, the auction price of the Aaron Judge baseball could be several million dollars.

Why Iranian Female FIFA Fans Are Smiling

In Iran, female FIFA fans were banned from the games. Now, the policy is changing. Iranian Women Earlier this year, Iranian women watched FIFA 2022 qualifying matches. Aljazeera reported that female supervisors at special stadium entrances directed the women to…

The Prices We Pay to See Our Team Play

Comparing baseball game prices for 1960 and 2022 for tickets, food, and parking, we can see a decline in affordability.

The Economics of MLB Home Run History

Showing again that economics is everywhere, we can explain MLB home run history by looking at land, labor, and capital.

The Newest Women’s Soccer Team Victory

Navigating the EEOC, the court system, and collective bargaining, the USWNT fought for decades to win the women’s World Cup soccer lawsuit.

The Surprising Reasons We Need Insurance

Because a cash prize or a Mercedes can be exceedingly expensive, charitable event planners buy prize indemnity insurance to hedge their risk.

Why March Madness Gender Equity Is More Than Swag Bags

While the NCAA has a report with a long list of remedies, this year’s March Madness reflects minimal progress toward gender equity.

When Alphabetical Order Matters

Ranging from the Olympics to scholarly papers and with everything in between, alphabetical order is an equalizer.