Wondering What Happened to the Bread

With rising restaurant costs for food and labor, we will be seeing different menus and wondering what happened to the bread.

Where You Can Live On The Moon

Researchers at Purdue University are designing a moon habitat whose surprising location makes it resilient and safe.

Why We Worry About “Murder Hornets”

When thousands of decapitated bees were found in a Washington state hive, we began worrying about the impact of murder hornets on the bee population.

Two Ways to See a New Restaurant

While Kenji Lopez-Alt perceived his new restaurant through a food writer’s lens, an economist would see it somewhat differently.

What You Don’t See When You Watch a Baseball Game

Those vendors that sell us hot dogs, peanuts, and Coke at a ball game are thinking about a lot more than the food and the score.

How Starbucks Coffee Bean Husks Are Like Perdue Chicken Paws

When previously worthless byproducts like coffee bean husks, chicken paws, and hog snouts became popular, we increased our economic efficiency.

A Different View of Manufacturing Jobs

While the headlines emphasize the decline in manufacturing jobs in the U.S., looking at the world reveals a different story.

The Shocking Amount of Electricity That Bitcoin Consumes

Although it is a virtual currency, Bitcoin’s huge electricity consumption is very real when we consider the land, labor, and capital its computers require.

Why Southwest Airlines and Zara are Similar

Talking turnaround, planes and clothing can be rather similar. Where are we going? To productivity. Southwest Turnaround Typically between places like Dallas and San Antonio, in 1971 Southwest flew only short haul flights in Texas. As a discount airline with fares that were…

Land, Labor and Capital: 18th and 21st Century Solar Power

In one of his farm journals, Thomas Jefferson displays the importance of the sun. Just because the length of the workday is determined by daylight, one half more wool was spun during July than in January . You can start…