Econlife Quiz: Barbie

With the new Barbie movie out in theaters, Barbie is making a serious comeback. Much more than a doll, she has an economic life. We hope you enjoy the newest econlife quiz: Barbie.  Our sources and more: Bloomberg, U.S. Department…

Econlife Quiz: Fourth of July

Enjoying cookouts, fireworks, parades, and fun community activities, Americans love to celebrate the Fourth of July. To mark the occasion, enjoy our latest Econlife Quiz: Fourth of July.

Econlife Quiz: Do You Know Your Thanksgiving Economics?

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Econlife Quiz: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift made a slew of decisions that related to re-recordings, Diet Coke, and Spotify. After taking our Taylor Swift quiz, you can decide if she is a clever businesswoman. My sources and more: ChartMasters, The Sydney Morning Herald, Music…

The Dog(e) That Needs An Owner

Whereas a Dogecoin trademark had initially seemed unnecessary, its developers soon faced big problems without one.

Econlife Quiz: TikTok

There is a lot you might want to know about TikTok, and econlife’s latest quiz about the app is a great place to start.

Econlife Quiz: Coffee

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Econlife Quiz: Friends

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Econlife Quiz: Do You Know Your Baseball Economics

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Econlife Quiz: Do You Know the Economics Behind the Olympics?

Some economists have said that happiness might be the only reason to host the Olympics once you consider the cost.