What Europe’s Green Deal Will Disrupt

Europe’s green deal was first announced during December, 2019. Targeting carbon emissions and consumption patterns, the plan is local and global. But it will especially disrupt the world’s oil markets. Below you can see that the EU’s dependence on oil…

How Norway Avoided Dutch Disease

Avoided by Norway, Dutch disease is contracted by nations that let a commodity windfall dominate what they produce and spend.

Dutch Disease Strikes Mongolia

Just six years ago, Stephen Colbert told us that the Mongolian edition of Cosmopolitan was selling for 7,000 tugriks. He added that subscribers got half off the newsstand price and a free goat bladder phone. The arrival of Cosmo was an…

The (Dutch) Disease in Saudi Arabia and Venezuela

As in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, the Dutch disease that an economy catches comes from too much dependence for revenue and jobs on one commodity like oil.

The Disease That Alaska Might Have

Like Dutch Disease, Alaska’s oil industry dependence has eliminated other government revenue that might be necessary now that the price of oil has plunged.

Weekly Roundup: From Overbooked Flights to Immigration Fallacies

This week’s economic news summary included unexpected insight from credit scores, the natural resource curse, and what the bacon cheeseburger can tell us.

Why Cheap Oil Can Be a Curse

Illustrated by the impact of cheap oil, the natural resource curse hits countries that have disproportionately focused economic activity on one industry.

The Natural Resource Curse: Detroit?

Displaying all municipalities that filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection since 2010, this map shows cities, towns and counties in red (8) and utility authorities and other municipalities in black (28). With Detroit’s filing  most recent, this May 13 post…

Economic Growth: Natural Resource Curse

The natural resource curse can strike in surprising places. But Detroit? When economies blessed with commodity wealth fail to soar, the reason might be the natural resource curse. Single minded focus on one economic sector means unpreparedness when that sector…