Why Super Bowl LII Won’t Be a Financial Bonanza

Probably having overestimated the amount of Super Bowl spending, Minneapolis will not find that a huge sports event is a financial bonanza.

Weekly Roundup: From Super Bowl Spending to Puerto Rican Subsidies

This week’s economic news summary includes disputes about Kobe Bryant and intellectual property, Puerto Rican and Super Bowl subsidies, and deficit worries.

Weekly Roundup: From More Money to Fewer Restrooms

Our everyday economics includes scarcity, tradeoffs, cost, sustainability, hyperinflation, gender issues, externalities, African development, human capital.

The Cost of the Squeegee Men

Through a cost and benefit approach to crime control, the limited money available for municipal spending can be spent most efficiently.

Opportunity Cost: Preparing for Sandy and Katrina

After every storm of the century, we ask why we didn’t prepare sufficiently. For Katrina it was better levee protection. And now, for Sandy, I just heard that the PATH–underground trains between NJ and NYC–had 4 foot flood gates (some…