A Picky Eater Food Supply Problem

Rather similar to the limited diets of children that are picky eaters, the global food supply reflects the three crops that dominate diets.

A Day in a Ukraine Factory

Even when air raid sirens send workers to shelters, still, a Ukraine grain mill continues producing its flour, pasta, and cookies.

One Giant Leek For Mankind

At a giant vegetable competition, Paul Rochester’ won the world record with his 21 pound 8 ounce leek. It did not work out as well for a giant potato. Giant Vegetables Dug Sadly, scientists recently concluded that a giant potato…

Why We Worry About the World’s Wheat

Facing war, wild fires, draught, and port blockages, the world wheat supply will have difficulty compensating for shortages.

The Real Reason We Love Girl Scout Cookies

When we look at this year’s Girl Scout cookie economics, what we see is also happening far beyond the world of cookies.

When a Judge Has a Tasty Case

Judges sometimes have tasty decisions when they have to decide what a food name like Mexican or gruyère means.

Why the East Coast Has Long and Skinny Butter But Not the West Coast

Comparing the butter we buy on the East and West Coast of the U.S., many of us could wonder why the shape and size are different.

What Makes a Dressing French?

Designed to protect us from food fraud and maintain quality, the FDA’s resistance to deregulating French Dressing has finally ended.

How to Win a Baguette War

The pride of the French, a boulangerie baked baguette has been threatened by rock bottom supermarket baguette prices.

The Problem With Bringing Home the Bacon

Seeing the prices for bacon and oranges soar, we can ask which one of the causes of inflation is the reason.