Where Marriage Markets and Labor Markets Clash

Displaying the clash between marriage markets and labor markets, single female MBAs display less ambitious more “wifely” behavior when men are present.

Pepsi Light Has a Whole New Meaning

Human capital in developing nations is benefiting from inexpensive lights made from plastic soda bottles that also are connected to solar powered batteries.

When You Can Expect to Be Most Creative

Knowing about how and when creative people achieve optimal productivity is important because of the connection between human capital and economic growth.

Balancing Warmth and Competence at Work

Human capital formation involves a combination of warmth and competence that results in doing a job effectively and communicating well also.

What Signals Does a College Degree Really Send?

Some economists have an unexpected reason for the college earnings premium. First, the premium… In 2011, a diploma from a 4-year college meant you would earn 83% more than your high school classmate who did not attend college. Looked at slightly differently (below), the…

Human Capital Formation: 10,000 Hour Rule

For human capital formation, 10,000 hours could be crucial. I was at Lincoln Center several nights ago. Listening to a wonderful performance of Chopin’s Polonaise, I wondered how much the pianist practiced. That took me to Malcolm Gladwell. In Outliers, Gladwell…